A Beautiful Green Bathroom Design Idea From Furniture Stores In Savannah GA

Most of us can design our entire home with ease but often find ourselves short of ideas when it comes to the bathroom. Therefore, taking the right inspiration from the right place becomes really important for most of us. If you are living in Georgia, then going to the furniture stores in Savannah GA will be a really great idea for you. It would help you a lot in making sure that you get the right ideas at the right time. The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store can help you in getting the best of furniture. Visit www.abfsavannah.com and just decide the theme and you will be getting all the necessary supplies that you need.

9973_MCL_ABeautifulGreenBathroomDesignIdeaFromFurnitureStoresInSavannahGAA green bathroom design is what most of the people think about getting and this is simply because this kind of home design is perfect for most of us. We want to feel more connected with nature and this is why green hues in the bathroom will make us feel more relaxed. Here is a look at what all can be achieved by you with this them. Before you go to the furniture stores in Savannah GA for buying the furniture for your bathroom, you should first paint the room in all the right colors. The right color here is green. A very light moss green or bamboo green will be able to do its trick here. There are practically no accents in the walls because of which the green hue needs to be painted on all the walls everywhere. As we want to keep it as natural as possible, we will be following minimalistic furniture here.

You only need to get a huge square mirror, preferably without any fancy borders. Now, bring in a good bathroom console that is painted in a brighter hue of green. It can either be lime green or bamboo green, whatever suits you the most. The bathroom sink should always be off white in color in order to present a much needed contrast and to create a point of focus in the room. It shall make sure that you are getting the best results, even if you have a very small space to boast of. The rest of the furniture has to be in white. The drawers, the bathroom console etc. can be a blazing green color.

However, if you want to bring in more colors to your bathroom, then you can opt for a wooden flooring or hardwood racks. The warm brown colors of these two elements of design will be perfect. All these can be bought from the furniture stores in Savannah GA. You can even opt for brown rugs in the house to complement the beauty of this room. Another variation can come with white. Instead of opting for brown, you can use white as the perfect accent color along with green in this kind of home décor. The curtains etc. could be either green or white, depending on your choice and preferences. However, regardless of the variations, this room design will always look fabulous.

A Studio Apartment Home Office Design With Furniture Stores In Atlanta

furniture stores in AtlantaThe number of people living in studio apartments and doing creative and fun things has been on an increase since the past few years. Everyone is looking forward to some amazing home office design ideas that can easily fit into their rooms and also provide them the ease of access that they are looking for. Most of the creative folks and would-be co-founders are now making studio apartments their abode and are also looking for furniture items that can be used for this purpose.

They are demanding furniture that can suit their unique needs at the furniture stores in Atlanta. Today, we will be talking about a similar home office design idea where space will be preserved, spaciousness will be a dominating factor and where ample of sunlight and a restricted used of colors will be making your studio apartment stand out in the crowd. In fact, some students also visit these furniture stores in Atlanta demanding furniture that can fit into their dorm rooms better and make them more productive as well. The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store has, therefore, introduced a new kind of furniture lineup for these apartments. Let us take a look: www.abfmarietta.com

The first thing that you need to do here is to paint the room in the right colors. You don’t have to be very specific about finding the right kind of hues and shades of colors that you are looking for. You just have to get started with dove grey or very light moss green. These two colors will be bringing the necessary light in your room without going overboard. Considering the colors and design trends going on these days, too much color is not always the right option that should be taken by you. Therefore, start with something very light and very basic. Now, you need to get an especially elevated furniture design concept from the furniture stores in Atlanta. In this, you will be getting a closet, a study table, chair and a pre-made bookshelf as well. All these will be assembled on the top of an elevated platform.

The beds will lie lower in this setting. They are placed under the elevated platform and provided with roller legs because of which they can easily be slided in and out of the platform whenever needed. This beautiful workspace can easily support one person by providing him a bedroom combined with a small office. Some bigger pieces with two-workspaces can also be available. The color of the closet and the storage unit is rather impressive as it is yellow. The rest of the furniture items, including the bed, the bedding and even the chairs and tables come in a very light shade of taupe. You will be finding very light contrasts here that will work perfectly with your own working style. The yellow will keep your cheerful and productive while the taupe shade will help you stay grounded and motivated all the while.

This kind of furniture items are becoming very common at the furniture stores in Atlanta. Therefore, if you are short of space and have to focus more on workspace+bedroom home décor concepts, then buy these furniture items for sure.

Pale Blue Bedroom Designs With Furniture Stores In Athens GA

These days, every homeowner wishes to achieve something better with their home design. This is the reason why they are investing heavily in interior designing ideas. They want their homes to look perfect. However, when it comes to the bedroom, they are always looking for something that is more relaxing and peaceful. Designing a bedroom is quite different from designing a living room. Here, comfort and a good night’s sleep always become more important than the design itself. Hence, you must always try to make sure that you are getting the best of both world. The only way to do this is to get great furniture from the furniture stores in Athens GA, especially the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. Do visit – www.abfathens.com to find great furniture.

furniture stores in Athens GAIf you are looking for a very soft and romantic kind of bedroom then a pale blue bedroom theme will be perfect for you. In this theme, we will be using pale blue as the primary color with dove white as the secondary color and pale white as the accent hue. To start with, the walls will be painted with pale blue color. There are no kinds of accents on the walls and they shall remain this way. The ceiling has to be dove grey or dove white. When it comes to the windows and doors, you can opt for pale white or off-white hues to present a better contrast in your room.

The furniture to be bought from the furniture stores in Athens GA includes a nice queen sized bed that is complemented with a plain rounded headboard. Make sure that the headboard dons the taupe hue. It should also not be too big, just big enough to manage a little edge over a standard sized pillow. There has to be a plain and simple bedroom bench. It would be better if you opt for a sleeker instead of a fuller variety. Take inspirations from the industrial style to get the best benches here. Finally, add to nightstands to the bed on either side, supported by two simple amber lamps. The only thing that is more designer and decorative in this room is a beautiful metal chandelier that will be imposing a very beautiful contrast of effortless beauty and impeccable style in your room.

You can bring in a couple of pillow in all three major colors of the room. However, the curtains, the carpets and other smaller items of furnishing can easily come in the taupe hue. This is because pale blue is a very light and cool color while taupe comes with a sense of warmth. There shall be proper balance between the two and you will be able to get the best of both color families with ease. You must always make sure that you allow as much natural light in this room as possible. This would accentuate all the design elements and make them look more beautiful than ever. Keeping flowers (even if artificial) in this room will also be a great idea. A few books will also entertain you a lot. Go and buy your favorites from furniture stores in Athens GA now.

Participate In The Go Green Movement

Go Green MovementThe whole world is participating in the go green movement in their own way because they want to save the environment. Today we will have a discussion about eco-friendly home décor and furniture. The best way to become eco-friendly when using home décor is use of bamboo made interiors and furniture.

Bamboo is a plant that looks like a tree. It is a hard woody plant that grows very fast. Nowadays it is used as renewable resource for furniture. For decorating homes bamboo is treated as fashionable material today. It is the latest trend in furniture industry and is also affordable by common people. Having bamboo furniture (sofa set, chairs, table etc.) in garden area will groom the grace of your home. Bamboo is not only used to make furniture but also used for flooring. Bamboo can make trendy and attractive home décor and furniture items. One more interesting part of bamboo decoration is that you can even decorate your home with bamboo plant itself. Using bamboo home décor and furniture will also helps in saving forests and environment.

Bamboo furniture can be easily available at furniture stores. These stores will avail you different shapes and designs of indoor furniture. You can give an elegant and natural look to your home including living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room etc. The furniture stores sells wide range of sofas, center tables, chairs etc. Whereas the bamboo blind pieces are mostly required in bedroom and bathrooms. For study rooms people prefer to design with bamboo furniture, the very stylish and affordable one. If you want to darken your bedroom then bamboo window blinds will not be able to help you because they do not block the sunlight. Hence, in this case you can use special soft filtered bamboo shades.  

Preparing a floor with bamboo wood will actually revitalize the space of your room. You can use various patterns to install bamboo flooring. Just imagine your living room is equipped with stylish bamboo sofa, table, center table and a cabinet to place TV on bamboo flooring, what amazing appearance it will provide to your home. If you want to set a harmony among all the furniture items for single room then make sure to buy it from same furniture store. The furniture stores also have beautiful bamboo accessories to decorate your home. You can buy bamboo photo frames, bamboo painting frame, bamboo planters, bamboo flower vase etc. These small accessories will gives you a stylish and elegant look to your home and also will appears different from others.  

Bamboo is a very suitable material to decorate garden area because of its sturdy nature. If you are planning to decorate your outdoor to enjoy the natural atmosphere then consider buying light weight bamboo furniture. If you like birds then you can buy bamboo birdhouse to place at your garden area. You can also decorate your entrance with bamboo made wind chimes. When you plan to design your outdoor with bamboo furniture then I will suggest you to finish it with varnish before being used for its long life. If you want to create a boundary to your yard then you can also use bamboo for this purpose. The bamboo dense fencing will look very nice and also will save your privacy.  

Bamboo Home Décor And Furniture For Stylish Home

Bamboo Home DécorWith the growing awareness of eco friendly materials for your home décor, usage of bamboo is becoming commonplace. Bamboo home accessories and furniture is a safe to furnish your home. It also protects your family and environment. Today people are more inclined to simple and stylish things that is the reason of bamboo home décor’s popularity. Everyone wants to decorate their home in a different and trendy way. Hence people are using bamboo furniture and accessories to design their home. A bamboo furnished home will express the simplicity of the owner.

Most common use of bamboo for home décor is designer furniture and flooring. But bamboo home décor is not only restricted to flooring and furniture, besides this there are lots of other uses of it. Bamboo flower vases are a good replacement for glass flower vase. It is light weight, easy to clean and does not break like glass flower vase. Bamboo is also use to make storage units that is very much required to keep important things. As bamboo is a light weight wood, hence can be used in place of heavy metals, plastic etc.

You can buy light weight folding chair from good furniture stores. The folding chairs save your space to adjust other necessary furniture items. You will use it when it is required, otherwise you will fold it and placed at some unused corner. If you want a durable TV stand in place of usual one then bamboo TV stand will be the best option. The fashion and trends are changing everyday on day to day basis. The same thing happens to bamboo home décor and furniture. The designing and pattern of bamboo home décor keeps on changing, so you need to be aware of latest trends. There are many furniture stores that sells eco-friendly home furniture and accessories. You can buy good quality furniture and accessories to decorate your home.

When buying bamboo made furniture for your home, you need to be little careful. When you see lots of variety in a furniture store, you might get confuse. Do not get confuse, choose the real bamboo made furniture instead of cheap bamboo furniture look alike. Whatever furniture item you select that should be made up of sustainable bamboo wood, bamboo that grown up naturally and will remain sustainable. If there are some furniture items for which the manufacturer has been used glue, check whether the glue is nontoxic or not. Choose the eco-friendly bamboo home décor and furniture item for your decoration. It is also important to know that who has made the furniture. The artisan should be an expert one not a newcomer to this field. An expert artisan can only give the proper finishing to bamboo furniture.

Once you buy bamboo furniture and placed at the desired space, do not think your job is done. No, your job will starts from here. Bamboo furniture needs proper care to remain its long life and stylish look. You should wash your furniture with good quality detergent and solution of water almost in regular interval of few months. There are some eco-friendly cleaning solution are also available in the market, you can also use that. Your indoor and outdoor furniture needs to be washed with an anti-mildew additive at a six months interval.

Zen Inspired Home Design Ideas

The Japanese have always been known across the globe for their fine creativity and intelligence. In each and every field of work they have created a good reputation for themselves. In the field of home designing as well, the Japanese are no exception. They have marked their presence quite well. The Zen inspired interior design is a fine example to prove this fact. The Zen home design is popular interior design among the people. This home design reflects the Japanese creativity and isn’t quite expensive to use in the house. It can revamp the dull look of the interiors of the house into a classy and stylish one altogether.

If you are also planning to get your home designed in a unique and elegant manner, then there is none other design better than the Zen inspired home design. This home design is a lot different from the traditional home design ideas and gives the house a modern outlook altogether. The features of this Zen inspired home design have been included in the article for your help. After going through them in detail, you would get a better understanding of this home design technique. You can then decide whether you actually want it for your house or not.

Zen Inspired Design: Features

9993_MCL_ZenInspiredHomeDesignIdeasThe first and the foremost feature of this Zen inspired home design idea is the floor cushions. The floor cushions are organized and placed around the table in a smart way. Despite the table height being low, the arrangement looks good. It creates an oriental dining region where the people of the family can have their meals comfortably and happily enjoy the time with each other.

Classy backdrop is a prominent feature of this home design. The warm cream effect of the backdrop creates a nice soothing effect on the area present in the interior of the house. It complements well with the dark color of the wooden material and gives the place a stylish and elegant feel.

The seating arrangement of the Zen inspired home design is completely different from the other home design ideas which are generally used by the people. The seating is a slightly elevated one but great for comfortable seating. The elevated style of seating helps to reduce the pressure on the knees and the back part of the body. The people can thus enjoy sitting comfortably on the elevated seating.

The Zen inspired home design is a balanced design technique which takes care of the design as well as the comfort factor simultaneously. The design work is carried out in such a way that the people get a nice and calm environment where they can live peacefully.

This home design technique is very well suited for all the rooms of the house be it the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Using this home design idea, you can be rest assured of the quality of design and all the other things. Overall, the Zen inspired design is worth using in the house

Ukrainian Home design

Ukrainian Home designThe Ukrainian style of home design is widely appreciated by the people all over the world. It is much different from the other home design ideas in terms of its design approach. This home design idea can truly turn your house from a simple looking one into a place great for living. This is because of the modern design approach involved in the process. Its modern approach works brilliantly in the interiors of the house right from the top to the bottom and creates a luxurious impact around. Overall it is perhaps the best modern design technique that you can use.

If you are planning for a home design idea with a bit of modern approach associated with it, then the Ukrainian style might suit your needs perfectly. Once the work of design work gets finished, you would surely be amazed to see the change in the interiors of your house. To know more about this home design idea, you can check out the features that have been mentioned below the article. After going through them you would get a fair idea about its features and benefits.

Features of Ukrainian home design

This home design technique is great at utilizing and maximizing the space in the room. The furniture items and others are organized efficiently to ensure that the room does not get congested by any means. Plenty of space remains inside the room. It consequently allows good amount of light to enter into the room. The people living in these rooms would enjoy working comfortably under the presence of bright light and won’t face any issues.

It makes use of a coffee table which is placed in the living room of the house. The table consists of empty space below which is meant especially for the storage of all the necessary items. The people can easily store their newspapers, magazines, etc. in the space provided for use. This avoids the need of any extra furniture for storage.

Artworks are a crucial aspect of any home design idea. For the Ukrainian home design technique as well the artworks are equally important. Various types of artworks are used to decorate the hallways that lead to the rooms of the apartment. The artworks are placed creatively in such a way that the entire arrangement appears worth watching. The people would enjoy observing the creativity of the artworks while walking through the hallways.

In the rooms the green glass is used. The glass helps to create a bright effect inside which goes well with the wooden flooring present in the room.

Generally, it has been observed that the home design methods reduce the functionality of the area considerably to a great extent. But this is not the case with Ukrainian home design. The functionality of the interior region is not affected by any means.

Therefore, the Ukrainian home design is an impressive design technique that you can use in your home. Its quality features give it an added advantage over the other design methods.                         

French Interior Design: Parisian Style

9991_MCL_FrenchInteriorDesignParisianStyleInterior designing has become an extremely important field of work nowadays. Many people all over the world are working in this field. The work of interior designing involves use of lot of creativity along with the intelligent ideas. Using good interior design ideas, the beauty of the interiors of our homes can be greatly enhanced. It give the rooms of the house an impressive and stunning view and makes them quite appealing than before. There are different forms of interior design ideas which can be used for home design. Each form of design has its own style and features to offer. Out of the various forms, the French interior design is standout among the rest. The French interior design reflects the Parisian style to a great extent. The dull and boring view of the interiors of your house can be transformed creatively into a vibrant and fresh one using the French home design style. The guests and visitors coming to your house will surely be left amazed by the design of the interiors of the house. The designing is done in such a way that the view of the rooms along with all the items like the furniture’s, etc. complement each other wonderfully well. To tell you more about this, we have listed the quality features of French interior design in the article below.

Features of the French interior design

Use of the black and red theme is a prominent feature of this form of design. It uses a black and red theme to design and decorate the interiors of the house. The black and red theme is coupled together to create a nice effect in the room. The items placed in the room like pillows and furniture’s such as chairs are organized beautifully using the black and red combination. Once designed, the rooms are an absolute delight to watch.

Various kinds of patterns rugs and floor coverings are used to style the floor section of the rooms. The pattern rugs and floor covering materials of good quality provide a protective shield to the wooden floor beneath and prevent it from wear and tear. It makes it cozy and comfortable for the people to walk across the floor.

The bookshelves of the room extend from the ceiling down to the floor. This clearly illustrates the French style of living.

Space has always been an issue while designing the interiors of the house. But with the Parisian style there is no need to worry of the space limitations. All the rooms are designed smartly in such a manner that there is plenty of space around for the people to live comfortably and happily in the place.

A regular feature of the Parisian style of design is the balcony railing of the apartments and houses which is made of wrought iron. The railings are high in strength and black in color.

Besides this, a houseplant is also kept in the room of the house so that the people living inside feel close to nature all the time.

Creative Loft Design Ideas For Your Apartment

One of the most important places in an apartment is the loft area. The loft is an area inside the apartment which comprises of a relatively large space. The space present can be used for various purposes depending upon the needs of the people living in the apartment. The loft can be designed using various methods. You can choose any one that you like. But if you are particularly looking for a contemporary style of loft design, then the loft design from Brazil would probably be the best. The Brazilian style of loft design is simply a class apart from the other design techniques. You can get the loft of your apartment designed in the best possible manner using this stylish home design technique. If you want to know more about this loft design method, then carefully go through the features included in the article below.

Features of the Brazilian loft design

Brazilian loft designOpen and clear layout: This type of design uses open layout strategy for designing and managing the loft area of the apartment. The complete space available is used differently for different purposes. The space is smartly subdivided into sections and each section is meant only for a particular purpose. A portion of region of the loft can be made specifically for rests purpose, watching television, seating and communication purposes, etc. Therefore, the open layout helps in efficient usage of the space of the area.

Dining table: Another feature of this loft design is its round dining table. The round shaped dining table comprises of a large space. The family members and friends can dine at the table for their meals and enjoy their regular conversations side by side. The people would surely have a wonderful time at the dining table which is placed smartly in the loft region.

Lighting: It is a useful feature of this Brazilian loft design. The loft boasts of fine lighting arrangement and looks superb. There is ample of vibrant light present in the loft region of the apartment. The people living there can carry out all of their work comfortably without any problem.

Artworks: The different kinds of artworks are an asset to the loft design. The artworks are placed beautifully on the walls of the region. This creates an artistic influence around and enhances the style and design of the place to a great extent. The smart use of artworks in the loft helps to catch the immediate attention of the visitors.

Marble flooring: This home design technique uses marble flooring extensively to improve the beauty of the floor of the loft area. The marble flooring has a glamorous impact which makes it much more appealing than before. The people would love to walk across the stylish marble floor.

Therefore, all the features of the Brazilian loft design are quite impressive. The loft design creates a nice warm effect in the place. The people living will love to spend most of their time in the loft.

Create A Modern Lounging Patio

There is nothing better than having a great patio at home that fulfills all your demands well. Most of us are too busy in creating home design for the interiors of the house but there are only a few people who understand the importance of a good patio. These people are trying their best to make sure that they get the best that these outdoor spaces have to offer. Indeed, having a great patio is equivalent to having a great living room. Today, we will be making sure that you get the best of both worlds without having to compromise on the looks of your beautiful lawn. Let’s take a look.

Modern Lounging PatioThe patio that we will be discussing today is ideal for larger homes or the ones that have a huge lawn to complement the patio. If you have a smaller space or a smaller lawn, then you can pick up some essentials of this bigger patio and use it in your own house. Nonetheless, it will be a fund idea to move ahead with. To begin with it all, you need a good deck to be built in the lawn. This deck, should not be too elevated from the ground level. Just make sure that the outgrowth of the grass in your lawn is not too much.

Try to bring some sophistication in the construction of the deck. Don’t just take it as a combination of many layers of wood. You need to make sure that the panels are well made and each one of them has been carved out perfectly. Our theme colors will be dove grey and white which will be complemented by pale emerald green and pale lime green. The furniture that we will be bringing here will be very simple sofa sets.

You can either buy them from a furniture store or assemble them at home. Just buy some low lying benches which can accommodate the some puffy upholstery and then keep them all together for an inexpensive and beautiful look. The color of the upholstery should be deep dove grey. Make sure that the seating and padding of the furniture is very comfortable.

Get a very small low lying table with lime green firm padding where you will keep an emerald green flower pot. Also bring in a small console in white with a white table lamp to complement the theme. Finally, bring in a contemporary chrome plated laminated finishing round table with a white base and lime green table top.

Your patio will look great if you introduce rectangular cushions in light dove grey, light emerald green etc. Keep a multi colored striped accent pieces in the middle as well. If you wish to bring in some additional side chairs, then make sure that they are made of metal and painted in white. This outdoor patio home design idea will be doubling up as a lounge. If you are avid gardener, then make sure that all your flower pots are painted in emerald green and all other plants are kept in white painted pots.

Maintaining Balance In Your Home Design

Maintaining Balance In Your Home DesignCreating a good home design could be one of the primary things on your list. It is quite obvious that you want something that is definitely giving you some more value for your money and some more space to enjoy. However, in incorporating different ideas in our homes, we often forget that there has to be some kind of balance in our home design idea. We all know that using a bulky antique sofa with an industrial style metal side chair will be a wrong idea because it disrupts balance. However, we are often unable to apply these concepts in the larger perspective because of which we often end up facing some or the other issues.

It is really important to create some balance in your design. The lack of this kind of sensitivity can lead to a b ad home design concept. When we talk about creating balance in our home design ideas, we are referring to harmony in all elements. You cannot create clutter in one space of the room and leave the rest of it empty. There has to be balance in this kind of décor. The empty space must get some focus while the cluttered space needs to tone down drastically in order to maintain the balance of the room. It may sound easy but achieving balance in the room is one difficult task. Still, we are bringing some tips and tricks that will help you achieve balance in your room.

  • Can you vary the heights?

Often, this idea works well in creating different dedicated spaces in a room which can later be balanced in order to active the perfect results. When you vary the heights, you are able to use the taller pieces on the lower surface so that the height can be matched with the shorter pieces that are placed on the elevated surface. The 3:1 rule is quite popular in this regard. If you are placing three smaller objects on 1 side, there should be one larger object on the opposite side to help balance the design theme.

  • Check out the heavy pieces and look for some kind of balance on the other end

You must have definitely seen many home design themes where there is a huge sofa placed along one wall with the entire living space focused entirely on this region. There is a small bench or an even more decorative anchorage on the other side of the room that might look unnecessary in general. However, for the interior designers, it is an essential piece of furniture creating balance in the design of the whole room.

  • Don’t overstuff

In the act of balance, avoid bringing in new pieces of furniture unless absolutely necessary. Instead of introducing new furniture items in the area that received less, focus on chopping off the boldness and stuffiness of the area that seems to receive too much. It will help you a lot in clearing the clutter and will give a more spacious look to your house. Otherwise, continuously bringing new items to balance the room will prove to be a wrong decision.

The Best Focal Point Ideas For Your Living Room

Best Focal Point IdeasDo you have a great living room design concept in mind? If yes, then you must definitely start implementing this idea. However, there is one important thing that you would have probably missed. It is known as the focal point. You will be finding that every room has a certain focal point, an area where all the attention will be focused directly. This area will be defining the room in the best possible way and also creating many dedicated areas in the room. As a result of this the focal point becomes the most important part of your design theme. Every element of home design will be either based as a complement or as a contrast to this focal point. Here are a few ideas that will be helping you in creating the best living rooms for yourself.

  • Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then you will never need another focal point for your home design, ever. Fireplaces attract everyone’s eye, even when they are not in use. As a result of this, the fireplaces are always able to provide you with some amazing results when deliberately used as the focal points in the living room. You should try to dress up your fireplace because most of them totally lack luster. You can use some kind of tiles, moldings or even reclaimed architecture of this purpose. A huge mirror can often be used for this purpose. Try to use a huge piece of artwork above the fireplace and then use it in order to create a beautiful home décor. It will help you a lot in getting a great and lustrous design style.

  • Walls

We might believe that walls just stand there for structural support to the house. However, this is not true. Walls can also be used as focal point in your house. This is especially true when people enter the room and find a wall quite near to themselves or when the living room space directly faces a wall. Only these two types of walls can be used to create a focal point but it will all be worth your efforts. You can create a feature wall, hang in the collection of your paintings or simply hang some of your best pictures on these walls. It helps in creating some drama and adding more depth to the wall. Mirrors, concept clocks and other wall decorative that instantly grab your attention should also be used in order to get the best results.

  • Shelves

This is a traditional and effective way in which focal points can be created in the room. The shelves can mostly be used on walls other than the two mentioned in the previous point. The best way to make creative use of shelves is by introducing a bookshelf in your room. There will certainly be some books that you can display along with a few other items. It is high time that you bring such items home and display them on the shelves. If bookshelves are not your thing, you can opt for simpler display shelves as well as racks. They will ideally be able to serve your purpose better.

Bring Feng Shui In Your Home With Colors

Few posts ago, we had talked about the use of Feng Shui in the house to bring elements of spaciousness and also to get some positive vibrations in the house. We had promised you that we will be telling you about the colors of Feng Shui, their significance and their use. So, here we are with the ultimate guide to Feng Shui colors. Take a look.

  • Bring Feng ShuiWater element colors- Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Black

These three and their variations are known to be water element colors. These elements can easily be used to enhance your productivity and give you an edge in your creativity. However, using these dark colors can become a very difficult task to accomplish. When you are using these colors, always make sure that you are using light colored furniture, fixtures and accessories along. This will help in balancing these elements so that you can get the best results.

  • Earth element colors- yellow and brown

These colors are amazing for the people who want renewal of energy as well as knowledge of the self. These are the most neutral colors that you will be finding in the Feng Shui palette. You can experiment with golden shades as well as beige shades. The room will look more peaceful, especially when there is soft lighting in the room. You can use these colors in places where you like to relax, reflect or even read your favorite titles. It can be used to balance the water element colors as well.

  • Wood element colors- green, lavender, purple

Green is the color of fertility and life as well as nature. It can be used for places where you frequently meet people and socialize. Purple and lavender are used in order to make the abode of positive energy. The hues are very rich and makes you feel quite energetic at all times as well. Accents in these colors are perfect as well.

  • Flower element colors- Pink and red

The red and pink flower elements are known to be colors of romance and soft emotions. Using them in bedrooms will be a great idea. Avoid red going overboard but make sure that pink is exploited properly.

  • Fire element colors- red and dark organ

In classic Feng Shui, red is always used on the front door, making it employ positive energy and bringing it in the house. These two colors speak of repute and positive energy along with fame and reputation. A room painted in these colors will definitely be getting a great push if there are creative and friendly people meeting here. Plus, it would help boosting your repute with people as well. Hence, using these two will help for sure. Fruitier shades of orange can be used for a more playful look.

  • Metal element colors- gold, silver and white

These three colors are known to be perfect for people and places that thrive on creativity. These colors are bright and light at the same time and don’t really have any real colors because of which the mental plane becomes ready to paint it with colors.